Western Legends is a “western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.

“Red Falls. Darkrock. Two towns on opposite ends of the mesa. Two towns in the middle of God’s own nowhere. You step off of the train and feel yer boots hit the red dirt as you pound the dust from yer coat. You only have iron on yer hip and a few bucks to yer name. But that doesn’t mean folks should go underestimatin’ ya. The only question to answer now is how will you make them remember yer name?

Western Legends is an open-world sandbox tabletop adventure for 2-6 players set in the American Wild West designed by talented newcomer Hervé Lemaître. Players assume the roles of historical figures of the era, earning their legendary status in a variety of ways. Gamble, drive cattle, prospect for gold, rob the bank, fight bandits, pursue stories, become an outlaw, keep the peace… the possibilities are darn near endless. How will you build your legend?”

They hit their original $60,000 funding goal, and the project now has $151,000 with 18 days remaining.

The basic product reward tier is $60, which gets you a copy of the game.

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