The BackStrong Chair: “Finally a chair that saves your back! Ergonomic design engages your core. Sit-In-Motion all day for health, comfort & avoiding pain.

“We partnered with the top Chiropractor on Earth to bring you what we truly believe is the best chair in the world.

Celebrities from Justin Bieber to Paula Abdul to Chelsea Handler agree – BackStrong will revolutionize the way you sit.”

Not only is BackStrong a super comfortable chair, it actually fixes how you sit! So what makes it so great? Sit-In-Motion Technology.

– Supports Ideal Posture & Increased Flexibility
– Engages Your Core
– Increases Your Circulation

Sit-In-Motion technology is a patented, one-of-a kind, seat design that’s been years in the making. Its ergonomic features softly cradle your lower back to relieve crucial pressure points and instantly improve your posture.

They hit their original $100,000 funding goal, and the project now has $357,000 with 5 days remaining.

The basic product reward tier is $116, which gets you one Unico basic kit.

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