Crowdfunding is all about connecting with the crowd. Without them, your campaign doesn’t stand a chance. The idea that you can be passive and wait for people to come to you has been proven to be a bad one. Your crowdfunding campaign will fail without a thorough marketing plan that begins before your campaign launches and continues until the very end. Below are some tips to get the most out of your reward-based crowdfunding campaign:

Social media is key, but don’t forget about offline marketing

Everyone on your crowdfunding team needs to tap into their social networks. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, personal blogs and websites – whatever you have access to should be considered. Connect with blogs and websites in your industry that may be interested in your campaign. Offer to write guest posts and articles in return for being able to mention your campaign or at least link back to your own website.

But don’t forget about traditional marketing techniques. Business cards, flyers, posters, and custom items (pencils, keychains, mugs, etc.) can also be used to spread your message.

Highlight your crowdfunding rewards and perks

Spend a lot of time planning your perks. Put yourself in your potential backers’ shoes: what would make you want to open your wallet and contribute to this campaign ? There needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship: money in exchange for a gift, reward, service, or other attractive item. Be sure to budget properly and make sure you have enough funds at the end of the campaign to honor every single reward, including packaging, shipping, potential delays, and other unforeseen issues that may arise.

If budget is an issue for your campaign you can come up with non-physical rewards. Some ideas for non-physical (digital) rewards include putting a list of your backers on your company website. Perhaps you can create a permanent “founders” or “contributors” page that thanks your backers and gives them a permanent shout out.

Build trust and credibility – a video goes a long way

There are billions of people using the internet. And we all know that this provides ample opportunity for unscrupulous individuals to take advantage of others. How will the crowd know you are genuine and trustworthy? We suggest including a quality video in which you and your team introduce yourselves and explain everything about your project. It makes the process more personal and makes the relationship more legitimate. No one wants to give money to an anonymous person or just a name. Have a conversation with your backers – you’ll need to show your face if you want people to support you and back you financially.